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Sell it on your terms.

TrueParity brings the best local agents together to compete for your listing with proposals and real cash.

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Why Use TrueParity?

We are not a brokerage. We are a platform that has pioneered the smartest way to find and engage listing agents from all brokerages.

  1. Elite agents compete for your listing

    Easily compare objective terms to sell your home, proposed by veteran real estate agents.

  2. Get paid to list your home

    Receive an upfront, cash bonus for awarding your listing to a motivated TrueParity agent.

  3. Clear incentives ensure your agent delivers

    Customize compensation packages to keep your agent's performance aligned with your expectations.


Who should use TrueParity?

TrueParity is a platform for 1) homeowners that are interested in selling their property and 2) real estate agents that want to represent their listing.

Is TrueParity free?

TrueParity is always 100% free for homeowners. TrueParity is also free for newly approved agents. Once agents win their first listing, or after 30 days (whichever happens first), they must upgrade their subscription to a paid tier to continue to use our platform. Also, whenever a home is successfully sold through a TrueParity connection, we take a small percentage of the listing agent’s earnings.

What does a proposal on TrueParity include?

Each proposal includes the agent’s relevant information and the key terms for your home sale. Agents will modify predetermined items such as commission structure, listing period, listing price, and marketing budget. Agents also have the option to include a “cash bonus” in a proposal. The proposal may also contain messages from the agent regarding recommendations for property upgrades, their marketing strategy to find a buyer, as well as a personalized introduction.

Why do agents love TrueParity?

Agents love us because we bring potential listings right to their fingertips. TrueParity significantly reduces all the time and money they spend finding listings and empowers them to do what they do best: sell homes. Additionally, our objective proposal templates and cash bonus system allows the best agents to truly shine by competing with real-world data.

Can any agent join TrueParity?

No. Only agents that have been verified by the TrueParity team will be allowed to use the platform. This level of due diligence ensures that homeowners will only receive proposals from experienced, top-producing agents. If this sounds like you, then we encourage you to apply for a TrueParity agent account!

  • TrueParity empowers homeowners to maximize their home sales

    By distilling agent offers into clear, comparable terms, it's easy for sellers to identify the best agent for their home.

  • Find out why top agents prefer TrueParity

    Less time and money wasted finding listings; more time to do what great agents do best — sell homes.

  • We're focused on building the future of real estate

    We believe democratizing access to property and market data is fundamental to creating the most powerful instrument in real estate.