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When the balance of power between two parties has been recalibrated in order to achieve perfect equilibrium

By creating a fair and objective marketplace for sellers to award their listing to the optimal bid, TrueParity has been restored between homeowners and real estate agents.

Who We Are

At TrueParity we are a mix of diverse individuals with unique backgrounds and knowledge, united through a single shared vision: to transform the real estate industry by realigning agents' incentives around sellers' goals.

Despite our personal and professional nuances, our team have all suffered the same pains selling a home. Underperforming agents, inefficient processes, and escalating expenses have created a system that exploits the actual owner of the property.

We believe a better way is possible.

By crafting a revolutionary marketplace, we are reshaping the ecosystem to create a safer, more lucrative environment for owners to sell their homes. Our team of 20+ strives to modernize the transaction process with intelligent solutions, bringing transparency, frictionless customization, and empowerment to homesellers.

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