Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use TrueParity?

TrueParity is a platform for 1) homeowners that are interested in selling their property and 2) real estate agents that want to represent their listing.

Is TrueParity free / How does TrueParity make money?

TrueParity is always 100% free for homeowners. TrueParity is also free for newly approved agents. Once agents win their first listing, they must upgrade their subscription to a paid tier to continue to use our platform.

If I post my home on TrueParity, who can see it?

Only agents with approved access to TrueParity can see your property within our platform. We never share or publicize your property information elsewhere.

What does a proposal on TrueParity include?

Each proposal includes the agent’s relevant information and the key terms for your home sale. Agents will modify predetermined items such as commission structure, listing period, listing price, and marketing budget. Agents also have the option to include a “cash bonus” in a proposal. The proposal may also contain messages from the agent regarding recommendations for property upgrades, their marketing strategy to find a buyer, as well as a personalized introduction.

How does the “cash bonus” work?

An agent can include a cash bonus in their proposal, as an incentive for a homeowner to award them their listing. If the homeowner accepts that proposal, the cash is theirs no matter what happens next. They can put that money in the bank or use it to aid their sale by allocating it to home improvement or marketing.

Can any agent join TrueParity?

No. Only agents that have been verified by the TrueParity team will be allowed to use the platform. This level of due diligence ensures that homeowners will only receive proposals from experienced, top-producing agents. If this sounds like you, then we encourage you to apply for a TrueParity agent account!

Why do agents love TrueParity?

Agents love us because we bring potential listings right to their fingertips. TrueParity significantly reduces all the time and money they spend finding listings and empowers them to do what they do best: sell homes. Additionally, our objective proposal templates and cash bonus system allows the best agents to truly shine by competing with real-world data.

Can I use TrueParity if I already have a listing agent?

No. If you have an active listing agreement with an agent, you cannot post your home on TrueParity. If your listing agreement has expired, you should definitely post your home on TrueParity!

Does TrueParity have agents in my neighborhood?

Great question! Check out the “Browse Agents” section of our site to see what agents are available in your vicinity. If you don’t see any, let us know and we’ll work ASAP to get the best local agents onboard to compete for your listing!

How do sellers pay agents?

On our platform, we currently allow for two types of commission structures: percentage commission or flat rate commission. In percentage commission, agents receive a set percentage of the final final sale price. In flat rate commission, agents are paid a predetermined amount regardless of the final sale price. Homeowners can specify if agents can send proposals of just one type or either type of commission structure.

Why should I use TrueParity instead of an agent who is a friend/family member?

A number of reasons. First, every agent on TrueParity is of the highest caliber with years of experience, high transaction volume, and marquee successes. If your friend/family member is not at that level, you are already at a disadvantage. Even if your friend/family member is accomplished, there’s still no guarantee they are the best agent for YOUR home. Your home and your needs will never be 100% the same as another seller. So the best agent for someone else may not be the best agent for you – especially if they aren’t an expert in your local market. An objective comparison of delivery terms is the only way to properly evaluate agent fit. Also, bringing personal referrals into stressful transactions can place an unwelcome strain on your relationships. And finally, let’s face it. The odds that the perfect listing agent for your home is someone you already know are slim; we want to help leverage the odds in your favor!

How is TrueParity different from iBuyer programs?

TrueParity does not buy your home. We use technology to connect homeowners with listing agents and other resources to aid them in their sale.

Is TrueParity a real estate brokerage?

No. We are a platform that works with the best agents from different brokerages.

Do I sign a listing agreement with TrueParity?

Not exactly. Our platform allows you to negotiate and agree to specific terms with agents. When you accept a proposal on TrueParity, we send a copy of the agreement to both the homeowner and the agent. From there, the agent will provide the actual listing agreement for you to execute, with the exact terms outlined by their TrueParity proposal.

Can I invite agents that are not on TrueParity to send me proposals on the platform?

Yes. We provide each homeowner a shareable link that you can send to prospective agents, to encourage them to join TrueParity and submit easily-comparable proposals for your listing. They must still pass the TrueParity verification process though.

Are there any obligations to award my listing if I post my home?

No. You can post your home with zero obligations to accept any of the proposals submitted by agents for your listing.

Can I talk to an agent before deciding on their proposal?

Yes. Homeowners always have the option of communicating with an agent at any point in the process. This can happen virtually, in person, or anywhere in between. Homeowners can specify communication preferences.

Do you offer different account tiers?

All homeowners are given premium (and free) accommodation – there are no tiers for sellers! TrueParity is also free for newly approved agents. Once agents win their first listing, they must upgrade their subscription to a paid tier to continue to use our platform.

If I find an agent/homeowner I like on the platform, can we just bypass
TrueParity entirely and work together without a proposal acceptance?

No. This is in direct violation of our terms and conditions. Do not attempt to completely circumvent TrueParity. NOTE: Once a proposal is accepted on TrueParity, the formal listing agreement will be signed outside the platform – this is normal and totally compliant with our terms and conditions.

Technology is great, but what if I have questions?

Our support team is always ready and eager to assist you, every step of the way. Use the “Contact Us” from your dashboard to get help ASAP. Or, if you ever want to communicate directly with an agent on our platform, we allow homeowners to seamlessly initiate communication.